ZONESUN DDP-A Flat AI/PI Automatic Blister Packaging Machine For Capsule Pill Tablet Sealing Machine

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About shipping:
The packaging weight of this machine is 380kg.The online shipping fee is not the real cost.Please contact us for confirming the shipping fee.Sea transportation is our default choice,if you need us send it by express shipping,please choose "DHL shipping" or send us message.

The machine adopts computer programmable controller, touoch panel operation and frequency conversion speed regulator.It is in high degree of automation and easy to operate. It is the ideal blister packaging equipment which is suitable for pharmaceutical, food and electronicsn the medical equipment and other industries.It can be used for packing capsules, tablets, honey bolus, candy etc.


1.The main transmission part adopts imported gear reducer, which has longer service life, lower noise and stable operation.
2.The working range is adjustable, you can change the size of the capsule blister sheet, make the machine suitable for more than a thousand varieties of products.
3.Flat structure, can pack material in any shapes: oval, square, triangle and other shaped items.
4.No waste edge cutting
5.Can be equipped with photoelectric detection and correction device, imported stepping motor for traction

The price is for the DDP-A blister packing machine.If you need the DDP-B blister,please contact us.

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