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Reed Diffusers Filling Packaging Process

reed diffusers packaging process

Reed diffusers are decorative items used to disperse fragrance throughout a space. They typically consist of a glass container with T-corks or stoppers and filled with scented liquid and several porous reeds or sticks. The fragrance oil travels up the reeds via capillary action and evaporates into the air, releasing a pleasant scent into the room.The viscosity of reed diffuser liquids can vary depending on the specific formulation and manufacturer. However, reed diffuser liquids typically have a viscosity ranging from low to medium. This viscosity is typically higher than that of water but lower than that of oils used in some other applications.

Challenge In Packaging Reed Diffusers

Filling of Flammable Liquid

The fragrance oils used in reed diffusers can be flammable, especially if they contain a high concentration of alcohol.If you are worried about this, ZONESUN will recommend you choose the filling machines that are explicitly labeled as explosion-proof. This kind of machine is designed to prevent sparks or other ignition sources from coming into contact with flammable vapors or liquids

Filling of Various Scents

Manufacturers may need to ensures that each product retains its intended scent profile without any unwanted mixing of fragrances.For solving this problems, we will recommend to choose the peristaltic pump filling machine, which can change tubing easily between different batches or scents and help prevent cross-contamination, ensuring that each product retains its intended fragrance profile

Reed Diffuser Filling Capping Labeling Machine

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