Our Story

In 2014,a couple who are from Australia seeked coopeartion with ZONESUN.They are leather worker and owned their brand already.What they need is a stamping machine that can help them save time and labor when they do their leather work.ZS-series stamping machines are provided to this couple from that time,and help them builds brand recognition.We can see our  partners produce better and better leather products and we are really happy to see this.

Another small story is,in 2016,a gentleman coming from US contacted Mr Lee,who is ZONESUN‘s CEO and told to Mr Lee about his trouble:He need a packing machine to fill milk into bottles.That man just started his own business from his warehouse.Mr Lee recommended the most suitable filling machine to him.You can't believe that small machine helped his business become better and better,Mr Lee help him clear the trouble.Now,that gentleman has his own small factory.

Offer better service and products is our goal all the time.ZONESUN is becoming better.We are really happy to establish relationships with customers all over the world.