How To Maintain The Automatic Capping Machine

Fully automatic capping machine is a kind of machine that can improve work efficiency and production quality, and is widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics and daily chemical products and other industries. When operating the capping machine, the operator usually only needs to place the bottle cap on the bottle mouth (if it is equipped with a capping machine, it can realize automatic capping), and the capping assembly will automatically tighten the cap when the bottle is running forward.

automatic high speed bottle capping machine

No matter what the machine is, we need to pay attention to maintenance and cleaning work, reduce the failure rate of the machine, and make the capping machine work normally. Before using the capping machine, the operator needs to understand the maintenance knowledge of the automatic capping machine to avoid wrong operation and prolong the service life of the machine. Then, the following will introduce in detail how to maintain the automatic capping machine.

① Training for operators

Due to the advanced technology of the automatic capping machine, the debugging and use steps of the machine will be more complicated than that of the semi-automatic machine. After purchasing the capping machine, it is necessary to conduct systematic capping machine training for operators. The training content should include the working principle of the machine, the correct use steps, the correct debugging method, and how to identify and solve common problems. In addition, during daily use, do not allow non-technical personnel to debug or use the machine.

②Regular equipment inspection

We recommend making a maintenance plan for the machine. The operator needs to check each moving part of the capping machine according to the work plan. The sooner a problem is detected, the faster and less expensively the machine can be repaired. Conversely, if problems are not detected and fixed in time, the cost of repairing the machine will be higher, even if the problem is initially minor.

③Lubricate the machine and change the worn parts

During the daily use of the machine or the regular inspection of the equipment, if it is found that the moving parts of the machine are not sufficiently lubricated, the operator needs to choose a suitable lubricant to lubricate the moving parts. Otherwise, the working parts may wear out due to insufficient lubrication, which will increase the failure rate of the machine. At the same time, the worn parts of the machine need to be replaced in time. Common ones such as rubber wheels, if not replaced in time, will cause the cap to not be screwed tightly and reduce the quality of the cap.

④Cultivate good usage habits

Before the machine is used, the operator can use a non-woven soft cloth and a suitable cleaning agent to wipe off the oil or dirt on the machine. After the machine is used, it is necessary to keep the plug-in parts of the machine clean and the wires to be wound neatly. At the same time, materials, oil temperature, dust and other factors affect the accuracy of subsequent capping machines.

In addition,we recommend operators use a maintenance checklist to perform daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly activities.

⑤ Cooperate with experienced packaging machinery manufacturers

When machines break down, it can bring a company's production to a standstill. Right now, every minute counts for machine users. Therefore, you need to make sure that your mechanical provider has sufficient experience in troubleshooting problems. At the same time, users' needs for excellent remote service capabilities should also be met. ZONESUN has a dedicated after-sales service team responsible for solving customer machine usage problems. Our professional after-sales team usually needs to have the ability to solve basic problems. When necessary, we will guide your on-site technical team through complex troubleshooting tasks using one-on-one video calls.

Taken together, technology has become part of a powerful dynamic in manufacturing. Today's capping equipment is also developing at a high speed in a more efficient and precise direction, enabling the production line to process mass production more quickly. As with any other production equipment, regular maintenance is essential to ensure efficient machine operation. If neglected, the user of the machine may face higher repair costs and the capping machine will lose its optimum working efficiency.

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