What are the different types of jar filling machines available and what are the features of them

From jams and sauces to cosmetics, jars are ubiquitous in the market. Through this article, you can learn about the basic information about the jar filling machine as well as the packaging solutions and main features provided by ZONESUN for different filling materials like cosmetic cream, honey, sauce and paticle products..

What is a Jar?

A jar is a cylindrical container with a wide mouth or opening, typically made of glass or plastic, used for storing and packaging various products. Jars come in different shapes, sizes, they can be divided into multiple style includes: acrylic, double wall, hex, mayo economy, regular wall, square pinch grip, straight sided canister, thick wall, wide mouth, and materials to cater to the diverse needs of consumers and manufacturers alike.

Glass jar styleWhat is a Jar Filling Machine?

A jar filling machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed to automate the process of filling jars with liquids, semi-solids, or solids. These machines streamline the packaging process by accurately dispensing the desired quantity of product into each jar, ensuring uniformity and efficiency.Based on the packaging production needs, they can be customized into 2/4/6/8/10/12 filling nozzles to improves working capacity. It is common to work with automatic capping machine, labeling machine, bottle turntable machine to realize basic packaging production work.

Application of Jar Filling Machine

The applications of jar filling machines are vast and varied across industries. In the food, chocolate paste, ketchup, pickles, spreads, and condiments. In the daily cosmetic industry, they are employed for filling jars with creams, lip balm, lotions, gels, and other beauty products. Moreover, in the pharmaceutical field, jar filling machines are utilized for filling jars with medicines, ointments, and supplements. Their versatility makes them indispensable in modern packaging operations.

jar filler machine applicationTypes of Jar Filling Machines and Main Features

A lot of products includes cosmetic cream, hot sauce, honey, fruit jam, candies are packaged by jars.We list some videos of jar filling machine below.

Automatic Hot Sauce Filling Machine

This video shows the filling process of hot sauce jar filling machine made by ZONESUN.This piston pump filling machine has below main features:

  • Made of food grade stainless steel, this is not easy to reactive and will not leach harmful chemicals into the packaged products, ensuring that the integrity and safety of the food or beverage are maintained.
  • Unlike traditional jar filling machines that needs to calculate filling time and speed, this jar filling machine is controlled by servo motor, this allows you to directly enter the filling volume of paste you’d like to fill. No longer to crazy about the instability of liquid flow rate and repeated calculations.
  • Equipped with piston feeding pump, this can supply filling material in time and saves working labor.
  • Many manufacturers will need to clean the machine for several times,and cleaning work is much complicated. For this machine, you can put the feeding pump inlet of the machine into a bucket with enough clean water, and press the cleaning button to clean the machine five times (particularly sticky materials still need to be disassembled and cleaned carefully)

hot sauce jar filling machine

Automatic Cosmetic Cream Jar Filling Machine 

This video shows the filling,capping, and labeling packaging process of cosmetic cream jar filling line made by ZONESUN.This filling line has below main features:

  • Compact machine body saves your working space, it is the ideal choice for small and medium scale production.
  • Bottle turntable machine, capping machine, labeling machine, ink coding machine and packaging machines can be equipped with according to production need.
  • Filling nozzles are customized depends on your production 2 nozzles, 4 nozzles, 6 nozzles, 8 nozzles, 10 nozzles or more are available.


cosmetic jar filling line


Tabletop Monoblock Cosmetic Cream Jar Filling Capping Machine

This video shows the filling,capping packaging process of cosmetic cream jar filling capping machine made by ZONESUN.This monoblock filling machine has below main features:

  • Filling work is controlled by lobe pump, it can fill thick paste more accurately
  • Can realize unscrambling bottles, filling paste, feeding caps andcapping bottles at one machine.
  • Compact machine body saves working space and production cost.

monoblock cosmetic cream filling machine for jars

Semi-automatic Honey Jar Filling Machine

This video shows the filling operation of semi-automatic honey jar filling machine made by ZONESUN.This filling machine has below main features

  • Large filling range(10ml-10L), it is suitable for thicker liquid without particle like honey, lotion, massage oil etc.
  • This jar filling machine is controlled by servo motor, this allows operatorto directly enter the filling volume of filling material, this is more convenient when operating the machine.
  • PLC touch screen control panel, this has larger flexibility which allows for quick adjustments and customization to optimize operations

honey jar filling machine

Semi-automatic Sauce Jar Filling Machine

This video is from one of our customers, it shows the filling operation of semi-automatic black garlic sauce jar filling machine made by ZONESUN.This filling machine has below main features

  • Filling work is controlled by piston pump, the rotary valve can be customized according to the size of the particles contained in the material to ensure that the material can be filled smoothly.
  • Extra mixing and heating function can be customized as production need.

sauce jar filling machine

We also have the semi-automatic piston pump jar filling machine with U-shape hopper,this machine has a spiral mixer inside the hoppers. Some particulate in liquid tends to fall to the bottom, where it goes hard. The spiral mixer must scrape/lift the particles from the bottom.

 Semi automatic piston pump hot sauce filling machine

Granule Jar Filling Machine

We have provided customers with packaging solutions for granular jar production lines. This video can show how ZONESUN's packaging machinery completes the packaging production of bottled granules. The jar filling machines in this production line are customized according to different products, required filling volume and capacity. Bottle unscramblers, capping machines, labeling machines, ink coding machines, etc. are all optional or customized according to actual production needs.

granule filling machine for jarsFAQ

Q: Is it hard to clean the machine and how to clean it?

A: We normally recommend you put inlet of the machine into the bucket that contains enough clean water, and start the filling work to get the left material out of the machine.We can offer you operation video and help you finish the clean work.If you are finding a easier way, you can choose this filling machine that can pull the piston pump out of the housing to quickly complete the cleaning work.

clean piston pump

Q: If I encounter difficulties installing or using the machine, how should I contact you to solve it?

A: When you get the machine, you have no idea how to install and use it, you can send emails to sales representative that you contacted with before, or send emails directly to the after-sales team (services@zonesuntech.com), please offer your order number or PI, and describe your problems as detailed as possible.Our after sales team will send you videos or have a video chat with you to help you solve problems.

Q: Do you have local service?

A: Yes, but this service is not available in all countries. We have provided this service to customers in South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates and other countries. If you really need this service, please contact us and we will offer the solution based on your project situation.

In conclusion, jar filling machines play a crucial role in enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and productivity in the packaging industry. Their versatility and precision make them    demands and maintain product quality consistently. As technology continues to evolve, ZONESUN jar filling machines will continue to innovate, driving advancements in packaging solutions and further optimizing production processes.

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