ZONESUN Handheld Intelligent Inkjet Printer Coding Machine For Food Bags Yogurt Boxes

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1.Handheld Inkjet Printer Coding Machine could print at any angles making Trademark, logo, date Coder , graphics, two-dimensional code, etc. With Inch intelligent touch color screen .
3.Large Capacity Characters: This Handheld inkjet printer is large capacity to store information, Letter height is 2mm up to 12.7mm .
4. You can spray dot word and graphics: The inkjet printe edited text can direct printing, graphics import by U disk directly Coding, without ribbons, a character limit, you can directly enter a code
5.Online or Handheld Using: Plug optical, can be used with the pipeline use

Food bags, boxed yogurt, steel, PVC pipe, PPE pipe, wood, sheet metal and other flat Parameter

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