ZONESUN Full Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine

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This automatic bottle labeling machine is with a conveyor and it has similar functions like the full automatic labeling machine.It is with a reasonable design and the dimension is not that large as the full automatic labeling machine.It is the ideal choice for most of suppliers.


This round bottle labeling machine is good for labeling adhesive sticker on PET bottles,metal bottles,glass bottles etc.It is widely used in food,beverage,cosmetic pharmaceutical industries.


The shipping way of this machine is sea transportation, only to the seaport, not delivery to home / factory address and without tax , if you need more information or want to change shipping method , please contact with us , we can help you to check that.

1.The servo control system makes the machine work stably and fast
2.Intelligent operation panel, easy operation, complete function, has the online help function
3.Imported electrical components, ensure that the machine is stable, reliable
4.The belt conveyor, stable, reliable guarantee the delivery of materials
5.Conveying and automatic labeling speed synchronous tracking, make the adjustment is more quick and easy operation
6.Sensor detection for preventing from leaking and wasting labels.
7.Can connect with the receiving platform, good for collecting,sorting and packing finished product.
8.Can be equipped with date coder for printing date







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