ZONESUN Essential Oil Solvent Rotary Automatic Small Glass Vial Bottle Filling And Capping Machine

ZONESUN Essential Oil Solvent Rotary Automatic Small Glass Vial Bottle Filling And Capping Machine

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This filling and capping machine is designed into small machine body,which can help you save working space.It is equipped with magnetic pump,fill liquid accurately.The bottle fixing mold can be changed according to bottle size.This machine is widely used in chemical and commodity industries.


Machine model:ZS-AFC1M
Machine power:500W
Bottle diameter:10-40mm
Filling range:≤100ml
Bottle height:≤120mm(Can customize for higher bottles)
Cap diameter:Customize
Size of filling nozzle:OD 6mm
Working speed:20-50bottles/min(depends on liquid and bottle size)
Machine size:About 580*580*930mm
Machine weight:About 46kg

Simple touch screen control panel helps you adjust parameter more efficiently like filling time,capping time.The language can be customized according to operation need,if you need this please contact us.
Equipped with 304 stainless steel magnetic pump which has the advantage of high precision,this machine can be used to fill experimental solvent,essential oil etc.
The filling nozzle is with anti-dripping design, and the smaller filling nozzle make the liquid will not easy to be splashed,these can improve filling accuracy.High quality electric eyes can be used to detecting passing by bottles,and send the signal back to the system,the machine will start to filling and capping.
The capping chuck will be customized according to cap size,this ensures the machine can work with your production perfectly.
The rotary plate is designed for transporting bottles and finish filling/capping process.The white bottle fixing mold can be customized according to bottle size,improve the production quality.
After capping,bottles will be pushed out and buffer plate can help to collect finish products,save time and reduce production process and time.