ZONESUN Automatic PVC Film Earphone Box Book Shrink Wrapping Machine Packing Machine

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With larger power,this machine can set temperature as customers’ need.It is heated by hot air circularly and equably,ensures the wrapping effect.This machine is widely used in packaging products in food,drinks,cosmetics,shoes industries.

The digital control panel can help you control the temperature accurately and make the machine work stably.This machine is also with power-off protection device,ensure the safety operation.The rotary knob is designed for controlling the speed of fan inside the tunnel.

High temperature dust-proof cloth,prevent from burning and ensure the safety operation and the hot air circulate equably,make the wrapping effect is better.

The working height of this machine is adjustable,loose screws and choose the suitable screw hole to fix the machine.This make it can work with different packaging machine like the sealing and cutting machine to realize the automated packaging.

With cooling design,it ensures the machine works stably for long time and high temperature work.Lengthen the working life and widen application.

The chain conveyor is with larger bearing capacity,this helps to transport products stably and ensure the wrapping effect during working.

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