ZONESUN Automatic Desktop Electric Plastic Glass Crystal Water Perfume Shampoo Cosmetic Nail Polish Bottle Capping Machine

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This machine is used for automatic capping of plastic bottles and glass bottles in cosmetics, food and beverage, pesticide and fertilizer, chemical industry,Can be applied to a variety of bottle types, high production efficiency.

Machine model:ZS-XG440
Bottle height:50-350mm
Bottle Caps Diameter:20-50mm
Working speed:0-40 bottles/minute (depending on bottle and caps)
Working voltage:AC220V/110V 50-60HZ 300W
Working pressure:0.4-0.6 MPa
Capping Torsion:4-9kgf/cm
Packing size:About 1900*470*1240mm

Intelligent operation panel make the working data visual,this help to control the machine better.and it is with stop button,can protect the machine from damage and keep the operator safe during working.

There is no limitation of cap shapes,it is suitable for different kinds of bottle caps like spray bottle caps,dropper bottle caps.Caps diameter should be within φ 20-50mm.

The conveyor is with bottle guiding device which is designed for arranging bottles in order.The high quality conveyor helps to improve working speed and save a lot of labor.

It can detect the bottle once the bottle pass by,prevent from missing bottles and ensure the production quality. high quality conveyor helps to improve working speed and save a lot of labor.

Dual-drive motor offer great power for the whole machine,ensures the machine can work stablyimproves working eflciency.

With oil-water separator which can help you check the air pressure in all the real time and filter impurities.This machine should work with air compressor and customers need to buy this separately,if you need this please contact with us.


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