Automatic Liquid Filling Line
Filling Nozzle of Automatic Liquid Filling Machine
Capping Head of Automatic Liquid Filling Line
Labeling Head of Bottle Labeling Machine
Automatic Liquid Filling Line
Automatic Liquid Filling Line
Automatic Liquid Filling Line

ZS-FAL180C10 Automatic Desktop Juice Liquid Dropper Bottle Filling Capping Labeling Machine Line With Vibratory Bowl Sorter

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This production line is suitable for small scale production,can fill liquid,cap bottles and label stickers automatically.These desktop type machines can save working space and help you improve working efficiency greatly.It is widely used in food, beverage, cosmetics,daily chemical industries.

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Filling Nozzle of Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

Designed with high quality pneumatic filling nozzle,this kind of filling nozzle is with antidripping function,it can prevent from dripping liquid after filling,ensures the production quality and accuracy.

Peristaltic Pump

Equipped with 4L/min peristaltic pump each pump can be controlled separately The filling hose can be changed easily this kind of filling machine is good for filling liquid with different kinds of fragrance like essential oils,perfume.

Cap Feeder

The machine will be customized according to bottle cap size,makes sure the cap can be transported in order.This machine can feed bottle caps in time. which can help you reduce labor cost.

Capping Head

Designed for various shapes of bottle caps,like dropper bottles,spray bottles beverage bottle caps.It will press the bottle caps and tight it automatically. Improve working efficiency greatly.

Electric eye of Automatic Labeling Machine
The electric eye can detectbottles once they pass through.The sensitivity regulator is designed to adjust the sensitivity of the electric eyes,prevent from missing bottles.
Labeling head of labeling machine
These three labeling wheels make bottles rotating and then finish labeling ensure that there is no bubbles under labels. Ensure the labeling effect.This is suitable for double side labeling
Automatic Peristaltic Pump Juice Filling Line


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