ZONESUN ZY-RM5-E(2) Color Ribbon Hot Printing Machine,Date Code Ribbon Printer,Hot Foil Stamping Machine,Batch Number Foil Embossor

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Power input: 220V/50HZ
Speed: 10-60time/min
Word size : 0-5sec/times
Temperature: 200
Adjust Height : ≤130mm  
Adjust Height : ≤230mm (+$20)   
Print 2line use letter size:3*5*15mm (web price for)
print 3line use letters size:2.5*4*15mm
Net weight : 5.5KG
Gross weight:6.5KG
1)Standard machine in 220V/50Hz and china plug,
if need 110V PLS contact to us
2) the web price for adjust height in less than 130mm,
if need adjust height less than 230mm, price need to add $20 
3) this machine not have in stock, produce time will be about 15days, 
if intrested in it PLS contact to us and extend delivery time after pay it 
4) web price for 3*5*15mm letters size and print 2lines,
if need 2.5*4*15mm print 3line .PLS contact to us for confirm 
Ribbon Code Printer is a kind of code printer that using thermal printing belt instead of ink print to print on any soft package materials. It works by the special type of changing printing movable words or numbers. It applies to many fields of printing work, like all kinds of plastic bags, aluminum composite and paper-plastic compound bags, etc. Having obvious contrast color, can print out and change the printed office name, brand, date and batch number and so onoptionally according to your needs.


P2  热色带的带状打印 - 机 -  30-100m最新打印条带换塑料和纸 -  5roll.jpg_640x640  模具保持器的带状打印机-DY8-HP241-数和字母-5PCS导热色带-DY-8-HP241  手动到期,日期代码打印机,热FOLL印章编码器,到期最新机  


半自动 - 电 - 热邮票丝带码 - 打印机,色带编码器-HP-241B-彩色丝带热打印  MY-380F-半自动固墨日期喷码 - 机 - 自动 - 连续日期编码,machine.jpg_640x640  免费送货-36-32MM-条10条批-100-海绵墨辊 - 固体 - 编码 - 机 - 辊空白热  Metal-sheet-embosser-manual-steel-embossing-machine-aluminum-alloy-name-plate-stamping-machine-label-engrave-tool


1  3  T-slot-10cm-Fixture-52-Alphabet-Letters-10-numbers-20-symbol-Leather-Stamp-Craving-Tool-Branding  4


p1  220V-60W-Handheld-Brand-Hot-Stamping-Machine-and-Cooled-Leather-Embossed-LOGO-Trademark-Hot-Stamping-Machine  p1  8-10cm-Hot-Foil-Stamping-Machine-Manual-Bronzing-Machine-for-PVC-Card-leather-and-paper-stamping


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