ZONESUN ZS-TB822 Round Bottle Labeling Machine For Beverage Milk Juice Bottles

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This automatic labeling machine is suitable for cylinder like bottles or cans.It is suitable for single side and double side labeling,the distance between front and back side label stickers is adjustable.This machine can be equipped with circumferential positioning detection device which helps to achieve to specific position labeling.It can be also equipped with the date coder for printing prodution date and number,if you need these please contact us.


Machine Model:ZS-TB822
Voltage:220V / 50Hz .
Labeling Accuracy:土1.0mm
Labeling Speed:25- 45 bottles/min
Applicable Product Size:φ15-φ120mm (Round botle), H: 25-300mm
Label Size:(L )20-290mm, (W ) 20-160mm
Label Roll ID:φ76mm
Label Roll OD:φ300mm
Machine Size:2150*1100* 1440mm (L*W*H)
Machine Weight:About 222kg


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