ZONESUN ZS-QBY-K25 China Mini Air Operated Pneumatic Pumps Diaphragm Water Pump

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This pneumatic diaphragm pump can be used as a front-step transmission device of the solid and liquid separation equipment,it can pump paste like peanut butter,tomato slurry,chocolate,etc.It can be install in different methods with different equipment to realize different function.
The compression air enters the air distrbution valve from(E) shown as the diagram,let the diaphragm piece move towards the right direction.And the suction force in (A) chamber lets the medium flow into from (C) entrance push out the ball valve(2) to enter (A) chamber,the ball valve(4)will be locked due to the suction force;The medium in (B) chamber will be pressed,push out the ball valve(3)to flow out from the exit(D) .Meanwhile,let the ball valve (1)close, prevent backflow . Such movement in circles will let the medium uninterruptedly suck from (C) entrance and drain from (D)exit.

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