ZONESUN ZS-TB300W Semi-automatic Flat Surface Hexagonal Jar Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine

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This semi automatic labeling machine is designed for hexagonal bottle,square bottles and irregular shape of bottles.It is good for wrap around labeling or half cycle labeling.The positioning mold can be customized according to bottle size.It is suitable for food,beverage,cosmetics and daily chemical industries.

Machine Model:ZS-TB300W
Voltage:110V/220V 50-60HZ
Suitable labeling Size:≤150mm(W)
Roll inside diameter(mm):Φ75mm
Roll outside diameter(mm):Φ220mm
Suitable Bottle Size:φ≤150mm H≤250mm
Working Speed:15-30 bottles/min
Label Outputting Direction:Right
Package Size:550*840*880mm

The working height of this machine can be adjusted by rotating this knob.Make sure the machine can work with different sizes of bottles,widen the application range.

The electric eye is used to detect bottle,it will send the signal to the system and control the machine to work,the positioning mold can be customized according to the shape of bottle.This make it possible to label stickers on irregular bottles,improve the labeling effect.

The label sensor can detect stickers accurately according to light transmittance, its sensitivity can be adjusted according to different kinds of labels.This can prevent from missing or wasting labels.

This machine is equipped with a powerful motor,which can ensure the machine work stably.

The air source processor is used to clean the air source and can filter the moisture in the compressed air to prevent moisture from entering the device with the air,ensures the machine work stably.


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