ZONESUN Automatic Vial Glass Jar Can Wine Water Bottle Labeler Double Side Labeling Machine For Round Bottles

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This automatic labeling machine is suitable for round bottles,not only the single side labeling,it is also suitable for the double side labeling.The labeling speed and labeling time can be adjusted according to operation,this machine is suitable for producing beverage,cosmetics products,daily chemical products.


Model:ZS-TB260Z Labeling Machine
Power supply:AC220V 50Hz/60Hz 1100W
Labeling capacity(pcs/min):30-60PCS /min(depends on bottle size)
Labeling accuracy(mm):±1.0mm
Suitable Bottle Diameter:Φ30-100mm
Label size(mm):H≤200mm
Roll inside diameter(mm):Φ75mm
Roll outside diameter(mm):Φ300mm
Label Outputting Direction:Left
Conveyor Size:1980(L)*100mm(W)
Machine size:1980*1480*950mm(L*H*W)
Packing Size:2095*1020*1420mm(L*W*H)

The touch screen control panel makes the labeling parameter is visual,the precise adjustment can be easily achieved according to operation,ensure the labeling effect,it helps save a lot of time.

The electric eye can be used to detect the containers and send the signal to the system,the machine will start to labeling stickers.It is suitable for single side and double side labeling,this can be set easily according to operation panel.High accuracy ensures the production quality.

The chain conveyor is designed with guard railing which can be adjusted according to container diameter,the larger weight capacity of the conveyor ensure products can be transported smoothly and stably.

The labeling machine can be equipped with date coder for printing production date or batch number.The printing temperature can be controlled by control box,which is easy to operate.

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