ZS-TB200 Automatic Glass Jar Can Wine Bottle Labeler Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Bottle Labeler
Control Panel of Bottle Labeler
Electric Eye of Bottle Labeler
Labeling Belt of Bottle Labeler
Bottle Separating Plate of Bottle Labeler
Automatic Bottle Labeler
Bottle Labeler for Shampoo Bottle

ZS-TB200 Automatic Glass Jar Can Wine Bottle Labeler Round Bottle Labeling Machine

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This full automatic round bottle labeling machine is designed for single side label.It can transfer the bottle, separate stickers and label them on bottles precisely.Equipping with date printer to print production date is also available.Auto labeling machine help you improve working efficiency.


Machine Model:ZS-TB200
Voltage:110/220V 50-60HZ 1100W
Label Length:30-300mm
Label Width:30-150mm
Suitable Bottle Diameter:φ20-120mm
Outside Diameter Of Standard Roll:φ280mm
Inside Diameter Of Standard Roll:φ76mm
Labeling Accuracy:±1.0mm
Conveying Speed:16m/min
Marking Speed:5 -19m/min
Labeling Speed:30-160 bottles/min
Machine Weight:About 250kg
Packaging Size:About 2110*1000*1450mm
Package Weight:About 296KG
Automatic Bottle Labeler
Application of Automatic Bottle Labeler
Machine Details of Automatic Bottle Labeler
Label Size of Automatic Bottle Labeler
Control Panel of Automatic Bottle Labeler
Simple operation panel can be used to adjust and control working data,easy to operate and reduce working error greatly.
Electric Eye of Automatic Bottle Labeler
Electric eye can detect round bottles once they are transferred.It will not work unless the round bottle is detected.This prevents from missing bottles and wasting labels.
Labeling Belt of Automatic Bottle Labeler
The label separating plate will separate stickers and stickers will be labeled by the labeling belt during transporting.The soft labeling belt can ensure there is no bubble under stickers, improves labeling quality.
Bottle Separating Plate of Automatic Bottle Labeler
Bottle separating device can separate passing through bottles,help to control the bottle distance,reduce labeling error.Conveyor of Automatic Bottle Labeler
The conveyor is used to transfer round bottles.The working speed is adjustable,operator can adjust the speed according to their need.The width of feeding inlet can be adjusted according to bottle diameter
Automatic Round Bottle Labeler

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