ZONESUN Pneumatic Piston Liquid Filler Milk Juice Oil Drink Water Filling Machine

ZONESUN Pneumatic Piston Liquid Filler Milk Juice Oil Drink Water Filling Machine

Filling Range
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The piston filling machine is suitable for filling liquid but can not be used for paste filling like water , juice,milk etc.It can fill liquid accurately ,the filling volume or filling speed can be adjusted according to your needs.Each nozzle of this machine can be controlled separately.This one is with bottle holder,more reasonable design.


Machine Model:ZS-YTFS2
Voltage:220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz
Energy Source:Electric and pneumatic
Air Capacity:>30L
Filling Nozzle:2 Nozzles
Filling Range:5-100mL /10-300mL / 50-500mL /100-1000mL /1500-3000mL / 1000-5000mL
Filling Speed:About 12-20bottles/min
Filling Accuracy:+0.5%
Air Pressure:0.4-0.6MPa
Height of Bottle Holder:Adjustable
Package Weight:72.5kg
Package Size:1310*575*930mm

The machine has two working modes: Automatic or manual mode. In manual mode, operator can fll the bottles by pressing the pedal switch. Easy to operate.

By rotating the black handle, the filling volume can be adjusted as needed. The cylinder is with detailed scale, making it more accurate to fill liquid.

The filling speed of the two nozzles can be adjusted separately by the left knob . In automatic mode, operator can set the interval time by rotating the right knob.

The two filling nozzles has anti-dripping function, which ensures the filling accuracy.

The high-performance check valve has the advantage of stopping liquid from flowing reversely caused by back pressure, which ensures the smooth flow of fling materials.

The height of the bottle holder can be adjusted by rotating the screw, which makes it suitable for bottles of different sizes.