ZONESUN ZS-XG16 Pneumatic Automatic Bottle Capping Machine For Spray Bottles

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Machine model:ZS-XG16
Working voltage:AC220V/110V 50-60HZ
Bottle height:30-300mm
Cap Diameter:18-70mm
Botle Diameter:20-160mm
Working speed:20-60 bottles / minute (depending on bottle and cap size and shape)
Wokingn pressure:0.4-0.6MPa
Dimension:About 1930x740x1600mm
Packing size:About 2000x820x1760mm
Machine weight:About 150kg


The shipping way of this machine is sea transportation, only to the seaport, not delivery to home / factory address and without tax , if you need more information , please contact with us , we can help you to check.

The working height is adjustable according to the bottle height by rotating this knob.This makes sure this machine can be used for as many as possible caps.
Intelligent operation panel and is with English version,can control working time and set working mode.
With Stop button,can protect the machine from damage and keep the operator safe during working.
The suitable transfer speed is set previously,but customer can adjust it if they need to do this.
Suitable for different kinds of bottle caps.The capping time,pressing time can be adjusted by operation panel.
This screw can be used for loosing or tightening the capping chuck as customers'need.
Can detect the bottle once you the bottle pass through,save a lot of time and help you improve working efficiency.The sensitivity of the electric eye can be adjusted.

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