ZONESUN Handheld Bottle Capping Machine Sealing Screwing Machine With Security Ring

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Hand-held electric capping machine is mainly used to tighten or loosen the cap. It is easy to operate and can be used for capping different sizes of bottle caps.The adjustable clutch (readjustment) can effectively avoid the cap damage and reduce the wear and tear of rubber ring. The handheld capping machine can cap 30-90 bottles / min at max,which is good for small scale production.

1.The machine will not include the capping chuck and rubber ring,you need to buy the suitable size separately.
2.The 10-50mm capping chuck and rubber ring can not be used with bottle caps with security ring.
3.28-32mm or 38mm capping chuck and rubber ring is suitable for bottle caps with security rings.
4.We can customize capping chuck for different kinds of bottle caps like smoking oil bottle caps.
5.If you are not sure which size and which machine will be better for you,please contact us ,we will help you.

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