ZONESUN ZS-WF33 Semi Automatic Honey Filling Machine For Cream Paste Oil Milk Water

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This filling machine is suitable for filling products with viscosity below 3000cP, such as honey, yogurt,milk, sesame oil, sesame paste and other liquids containing homogeneous soft particles that can flow. Taking 500g as an example, the speed is about 6-10s/bottle.It can work stably,precisely,and easy to clean.


This machine is suitable for honey,milk,yogurt but not suitable for pastes, peanut butter,bean paste,chilli sauce,and crystalline honey (please heat and melt the crystalline honey).


Filling tank volume:33L
Speed:80 g/s
Diameter of filling nozzle:φ12/16 φ19/25(standard size) φ25/30
Filling accuracy:about 2g
Filling range:50g-2500g
Voltage:110 / 220V
Air supply pressure:0.3-0.8MPa
Working temperature:18-35℃


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