ZONESUN Manual Handmade Earring Wallet Cutting Die Leather Die Cutting Machine

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Designed for small die cuts like earring cuts,key ring die cuts .Or if you are a paper worker,you can buy this machine and work with your paper cutting die.

Main Parameter
Name: Manual Die Cutting Machine
Pressure: About 1T
Size: 138x220x340mm
Net weight:8kg
Suitable Cutting Die:Thickness smaller than 23mm

1.Lightweight:Compared with other manual die cutting machine,this small die cutting machine is really lightweight and help you
save a lot of shipping fee.It is useful for small die cuts,an ideal choice for leather worker,paper worker.
2.Good for different sizes of cutting die,somebody has cutting dies which are smaller than 23mm thickness,we will offer two pad
for different sizes of cutting dies like the Scrapbooking stencils or our leather cutting dies
3.This machine is made of high-quality steel,which is durable and useful.

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