ZONESUN Magnetic Pump Beverage Perfume Mineral Water Juice Essential Oil Electric Digital Control Liquid Bottle Filling Machine

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Voltage: AC 220v/110v
Power: 100W
Flow Rate: 4000ml/min
Filling Range: 2-4000ml
Max Suck Distance: 2meter
Anti-dripping Funtion: Available
Memory Function out of power: Available
Interior diameter of filling nozzle: 5mm and 3mm



 1.The pump head is drive by magnetic power, the pump head is notconnected with the motor, So don't worry the motor will over load or  liquid leakage by the connecting shaft.

2.The pump head and motor are made in Japan, and the electric parts aremade in Taiwan, with high quality and longer use life.

3.The pump head is made by 316L stainless steel which is anti-erodeglove,and anti-corrosion

4.start or brake by frequency converter control which will control therotating speed with precision as 0.01s. So that make the filling deviationless than 2%.

5. Can be control the manual model, foot pedal switch, also can adjust the cycling time

6.Can be used for most liquid filling, specially for oil, Washing fluid,Acid-base fluid, corrosive liquid,etc.


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