Leather Segment Cutting Device Leather Edge Cutter Section Cutting tool

Leather Segment Cutting Device Leather Edge Cutter Section Cutting tool

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Description and Feature
The main material is high-grade acrylic board, strong and durable

Blade base, using aluminum, CNC high-precision molding, the surface do blasti

Steps for usage

Insert the leather between the base and the transparent plate, install the screws and tighten
Install the blade, the blade center hole aligned with the positioning rod into the magnet plate adsorption in place
If necessary, install 0.1mm 0.25mm 0.5mmd gasket
One hand gently press the skin plate, the other hand with a blade along the leather surface reciprocating cutting


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2.When cutting, do not let the leather material is cut off by the blade

3.The right way of cutting ,First, repeat the depth of the original cross-cut, cut into the leather material about 2-4mm, and then move to the next next position to continue the above action

4.According to the thickness of the leather, refer to the ruler on the trimming knife to adjust the blade edge length of the round blade