ZONESUN Glass Metal Steel Plastic PVC Carton Batch Number Logo Mark Can Date Coding Ink jet Printer Digital Code Printing Machine

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Machine size: 370x260x590mm
Power : Only220V, 50HZ 150VA
Interface: RS232 serial interface
Number of lines printed: 1-4 lines
Weight: 28KG
Character height: 1.2- 18mm
Ink consumption: 70 million words per print (5*7)
Printing speed: 1025 characters / sec (5 * 7)
Printing materials: Automobile part, beverages, cosmetics, electronic component, foods, pharmaceuticals, building material, eggs, pipes & tubes, cables & wires etc.
Printing direction: positive sequence /inverted order
Printing distance: The nozzle and material are kept within 3CM
Printed content: date, time, batch number serial number
1.P rint consistently high quality images even on structured and uneven surfaces
2.Intelligent code printer,use with the conveyor can save labor
3.Use quick drying ink,Print clearly and quickly
4.Can be used at any position of the production line
5.User-friendly operation panel,easy to operate.
6.Multitask system, printing and editting at the same time
7.Large memory
8.Full automatic viscosity control and pressure control
9.Diaphragm pumps with reliability, longer life, low maintenance cost than gear pump
10.Electronic control system completely separated from hydraulic system
11.Print features include date, time, batch number, logo and trademar

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