ZONESUN Full Automatic Desktop Liquid Filling Machine With Conveyor For Perfume Wine Water Filler

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This automatic liquid filling machine is designed with chain conveyor,compared with the belt conveyor,it has larger weight capacity,ensures large volume products can be transported smoothly.This machine is suitable for drinks,cosmetics and daily chemical industries.

Machine model:ZS-DTDP-4P
Voltage:110/220V 50-60HZ
Maximum flow velocity:4000ml/min(Each nozzle and base on water)
Working speed:1500-3000 bottles/hour(depends on bottle size and liquid)
Air pressure:0.3-0.4MPa
Filling accuracy:≤+1% (For water)
Bottle height:<220mm(Can be customized,max height 300mm)
Diameter of filling nozzle:6/8mm
Conveyor size:1030*115mm(L*W)
Size of air compressor connector:OD 8mm
Machine size:1114*650*765mm
Machine weight:52kg
Package size:1145*605*795mm
Gross weight:78kg

Simple operation panel,can show the detailed setting parameter like the filling time and filling speed,these can be simply controlled according to production need during work.

This machine is designed with 4 filling nozzles,the filling speed and time of each nozzle can be controlled separately. We can customize 6 filling nozzle of this machine to achieve efficient production,if you need this please contact us.

The electric eye will detect passing by containers and send the signal to the system which will control the machine to fill liquid,and achieve automated production.This can reduce the production error.

The chain conveyor has larger weight capacity which is good for transport heavier products.Compared with belt conveyor,it is more suitable for large volume products.The conveyor speed can be controlled separately by the below operation panel.

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