ZONESUN Food Coffee Bean Grain Automatic Weighing Packaging Machine Powder Filling Machine Bag Back Side Seal With Date Printer

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1.With great power,can improve the working efficiency.
2.Can weigh the grain automatically 
3.Can work automatically and continuously,help you save labor
4.With intelligent operation panel,which is easy to operate
5.Can seal the package automatically after filling
6.With cursor positioning function,which help you seal the package better.
1.The appearance is clean and clear, high-end, suitable for factories, shops, etc. It does not require manual packaging and is highly efficient. The machine uses a back seal design and uses a heating wire to cut the bag.
2.The machine is a fully automatic packaging machine which is compose of two machines. You can use top packing machine to pack and weigh other items, or you can use the bottom sealing machine separately. This is the biggest advantages of this machine, it can also be used as fully automatic or as a semi-automatic.
Product model: ZS. 5200
Working voltage: 200V/50HZ 100V/60HZ
Rated power. 360w
Packing speed: 15-25 packs / minute (depending on the product)
Weighing range: 1-50g (adjustable, customizable)
Error range: about 0.2 (depending on the product)
Suitable for coil: heat sealed bag coil Packing category: back seal packaging
Application: This product is suitable for granules,powders, pills, medlar, melon seeds, dog food, coffee beans,oatmeal, raisins, powder, tea, electronic hardware, etc.

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