ZONESUN Double Heads Plastic Anti Corrosion Toliet Liquid Cleaner Filling Machine

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This machine specially designed corrosive liquid like toilet cleaner,all the parts which contact with the toilet are made from plastic. This machine uses a compressor as the power, it can work without any external electric power, it's easy to adjust filling volume and speed, and suitable for caustic liquid like hydrochloric acid.


Machine Model:ZS-YTCR2
Filling Nozzle:Double Heads
Filling Range:200-1000mL
Filling Speed:10-30 bottles/min
Filling Accuracy:≤土1%
Air Pressure:0.5-0.8MPa
Size of Filling Nozzle:OD12mm
Size of Air Compressor Connector:φ8mm
Machine Material:Stainless Steel
Machine Size:About 760*750*1600mm
Application:Corrosive liquid like toilet cleaner,etc

The filling nozzles have anti-dripping function, which ensures the filling accuracy.They are suitable for corrosive liquid like strong acid and alkali.

The left knob is designed for adjusting the fling speed. And the right knob is used for adjusting the liquid pumping speed. Easy to operate.

Operator can adjust the fling volume as needed by operating the handle. Easy and convenient.

The filters are with check valve,preventing materials from back flow. They can filter the impurities in the liquid, ensure the quality of the liquid.

It is designed for watching air pressure in real time, ensuring a safe working environment.



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