ZONESUN ZS-FS009U Automatic Plastic Shampoo Cosmetics Cream Tube Filling And Sealing Machine

ZONESUN ZS-FS009U Automatic Plastic Shampoo Cosmetics Cream Tube Filling And Sealing Machine

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Automatic Filling and Sealing Machine is specially designed for the products.Which has a small quantity and a special tube diameter.The machine has the virtue of the high-speed filling and sealing machine,with a highly automatic operation and runs smoothly.It can be automatic tube filling, sealing, cutting and print date.the unique one-headed design is easier to clean.More convenient to the size changing and more simply to is suitable to be for hand cream, toothpaste, cosmetics, glue, adhesive,ketchup and art palette industry especially.


  • Machine Model:ZS-FS009U
  • Voltage:220V/110V 50-60Hz
  • Power:2.6KW
  • Hopper Capacity:30L
  • Filling Range:6-60ml / 10-120m l/ 25-250ml
  • Filling Accuracy:±1%
  • Sealing Speed:18-28pcs/min
  • Sealing Diameter:16-50mm
  • Sealing Height:70-210mm
  • Sealing Method:Ultrasonic Sealing
  • Ultrasonic Frequency:20KHz
  • Air Pressure:0.6Mpa
  • Application:Aluminum-plastic soft tube/Plastic soft tube
  • Machine Material:Stainless Steel
  • Machine Weight:About 410kg
  • Machine Size:About 1615*1400*1590mm
  • Package Weight:About 555kg
  • Package Size:About 1610*1760*1860mm

Through the PLC operation panel,you can set working parameters like filling speed and sealing time.The visualized data makes it easier to control the machine.And the language of the panel can be customized according to customers'need.

With anti-dripping function, it can fill liquid or paste more accurately.The position of the filling head can be adjusted by the rotary handle,making it suitable for tubes of different heights. Easy and convenient

When the sensor detects the tube,the machine will seal tube and print date or batch on the tube at the same time Intelligent and efficient. Adopting ultrasonic sealing method,the sealing position will be firm and beautiful.

The tube feeder is used for making the tubes in order and feeding them automatically, saving labor cost and improving work efficiency.

Tube holder is designed for positioning the tubes, enabling them to be filled and sealed well. Save labor cost and improve work efficiency. The molds can be customized according to tubes'size.

Larger air cylinder,it can ensures the machine has larger power and can work stably.

Soft Tube Filling Sealing Machine With Feeding Pump