ZONESUN Automatic Paste Filling Machine With Conveyor For Honey Sauce Cream Lotion

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Compared with the horizontal filling machine,this machine is equipped with the conveyor belt,this makes it can work with automatic capping machine and labeling machine.It is suitable for filling liquid and paste like water, milk, juice, honey, lotion, cream etc.

Designed with touch screen control panel,the visual parameter makes it easier to set working data.It is set into English version,but we can customize different language if you need this.


The filling nozzle is with anti-dripping design,and it is also equipped with electric eyes to detect the passing by bottles,prevent from missing any bottles,ensure the filling accuracy.

The filling speed and waiting time can be adjusted ,rotate screws clockwise to slow down working speed. If you use the automatic working mode,please lengthen the waiting time to make the machine works better.The larger rotary knob on the right side is designed for controlling the filling range,make it easier to operate and adjust the machine.

t is equipped with the conveyor belt which is suitable for realizing automated production.It can work with automatic capping machine and labeling machine to help you improve working efficiency.

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