ZS-PK960 Automatic Hotel Soap Pleated Packaging Wrapping Machine

Automatic Soap packaging Wrapping Machine

ZS-PK960 Automatic Hotel Soap Pleated Packaging Wrapping Machine

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This automatic packaging machine is suitable for different sizes of round products like hotel soap,toilet cleaning block,tea or chocolate.It can work with feeding machine to realize automated production.The pleating wrapping method can offer you more beautiful packaging appearance,lower packaging cost and higher efficiency.We can offer different sizes of packaging mold according to your packaging product.


Machine Model:ZS-PK960
Voltage:110V/220V 50-60HZ
Air Pressure:0.5-0.6MPa
Working Speed:50 pieces/min
Mold Size:Customized
Suitable Material Size:φ40-70mm*8-35mm(thickness)
Suitable Film Material:pearlized film,recycle paper,tissue paper etc
Film Diameter:80-150mm
Film Roll Inner Diameter:≤75mm
Film Roll Outer Diameter:≤500mm
Label Diameter:≤40mm
Label Roll Inner Diameter:≤75mm
Label Roll Outer Diameter:≤300mm
Machine Weight:23.5kg
Machine Size:2100x1000x1700mm(L*W*H)
Package Weight:600KG

With touch screen control panel,it is more convenient to set parameter.The visual working data can help you monitor the working status easily.Improve the production accuracy.

The packaging mold can be customized according to material size,it is suitable for 40-70mm(diameter)*8-35mm(thickness) round or globular products like soap or chocolate.

This machine can equipped with the feeding machine which can help you feed soap automatically,improve your working efficiency greatly.(This is not included,customer need to buy this separately)