ZONESUN ZS-FK8001 Automatic Carton Sealing Machine Box Sealer Packing Machine

ZONESUN ZS-FK8001 Automatic Carton Sealing Machine Box Sealer Packing Machine

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Designed for sealing carton automatically,the entire sealing operation is automatically performed and the machine can be operated together with automatic packaging line,can help to improve working efficiency and ensure the production quality

Voltage:220V 50-60Hz
Sealing Speed:17.5m/min
Tape Width:60-78mm
Tape Head:50-70mm(Adjustable)
Sealing Length:200-500mm
Sealing Width:320-500mm
Sealing Height:180-500mm
Height of the Work Surface:660-740mm(Adjustable)
Air Pressure:5-6kg/cm²
Dimension:About 1970*1100*1470mm
Weight:About 400kg

With these buttons, operator can easily operate the machine. If emergency happens, operator can press the emergency button to make it stop working. Ensure the safety.

The operator can quickly adjust the height of the tape by using the ruler. Direct and precise.

By rotating the handle,operator can change the width of the feed inlet, which makes it suitable for cartons of different sizes. Easy and convenient.

When the carton touches the microswitch, the red board will push the carton forward,making it enter into the sealing area. This machine can be used with one-line box sealing machine, greatly improving work efficiency.

The four high-quality motors can supply great power for the machine, helping to create products of better quality.

The Barometer is designed for watching air pressure in real time, ensuring the safety.This machine need to work with Air Compressor, which should be bought separately.Please contact us if you need this.