6 Nozzle Automatic Paste Filling Machine
Display of 6 Nozzle Automatic Paste Filling Machine
Filling nozzle of Automatic Paste Filling Machine
6 Nozzle Automatic Paste Filling Machine Electric Eye
6 Nozzle Automatic Paste Filling Machine
6 Nozzle Automatic Paste Filling Machine

ZONESUN 6 Nozzle Automatic Paste Filling Machine For Cream Pesto Bechamel

Filling Range
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  • One Year Warranty
  • User Manual
  • One-to-one Video Chat Support
  • Install & Debug Video
  • Custom Package Solution
  • Local Service Location (Romania /Serbia /Kazakhstan/Mexico/Indonesia)

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This automatic vertical paste filling machine can fill a series of thick liquid or paste into bottles, which is driven by a piston and turning the cylinder valve, can use the magnetic reed switch  to control cylinder stroke, and then the operator can adjust the  filling amount. This automatic filling Machine has simple, reasonable structure,  and easy to understand, and can fill material accurately.


This filling machine is most commonly applicable for daily chemicals, foodstuffs, cosmetics and other industries.It is good for filling liquid and paste material, such as mineral water, cooking oils, juice, detergent, sauce, salad, butter & margarine, ketchup, jams, cream, honey, shampoos etc.

This machine is installed with touch screen control panel,it is more intuitive and no need to train for operators.We can customize different languages of control panel according to your needs.Please contact us if you need this

The number of filling nozzle can be customized according to production needs.Each nozzle is with anti-dripping design,ensure the cleanliness of the machine and products.Each nozzle can be controlled separately,different kinds of filling materials can be filled at the same time.

This machine is installed with high quality electric eyes,ensure passing by bottles can be clamped and released precisely,improve filling accuracy.

The high quality conveyor belt ensure products can be transferred smoothly,we can customize the material and length of the conveyor belt.The working speed can be controlled by rotating the knob on the right side of the control panel.

The high quality can ensure the smooth running, fuel efficiency, performance of the whole machine,improves usage experience.

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