ZONESUN 22x14cm Manual Leather Cutting Machine Diy Leather Cutting Die Steel Rule Die Cutter Die Cutting Machine

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Pressing plate :20cmx14cm(7.87inchx5.5inch)
Max Cutting Die thickness :≤10cm
Package:Packing in sturdy wooden cases

1.This machine is made by carbon steel,durable and high-quality.The height of the pressing plate can be changed by adjusting screws of two sides.Manual operation makes you work in a quiet environment.labor-saving type makes the work easier.
2.One nylon pad will be sent as GIFT.We also can customize cutting die,if you need it,you can send us your logo and size.

This machine can be used in various of materials,such as Fabric leather,foamed PVC/EVA, stickers,plastic/rubber sheet, middle or soft sheet material,not work for metal sheet.You can use it in handmade wallet or handbag.

Steps of using
1.Put your stuff on the cutting die,and put them on the nylon pad together
2.Use the wrench to adjust the screws,make the height suitable for the cutting die
3.Put the things under the pressing plate together
4.Press the handle of the machine
5.Adjust the angle of the cutting die,and press it again,make sure that you use your power equality.                      
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