ZONESUN 1PC 110V/220V Manual Hot Foil Stamping Marking Machine Leather PVC Printer With Temperature Control

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Brand Name:ZONESUN
Model: ZS-90
Up and down trip: 16CM
Voltage: 220V/110V
Power: 300-500W
Pressure range: 15-38kgf
Packing size: 42.5*28*22 CM
Temperature range: 0-300°C (use for wood need 350°C.this one can't be used. contact with us we will help you )
Total weight: 6 kg
Hot stamping range: 5*7cm 8*10cm.10×13cm (the size depend on your logo,the 5*7cm without screw hold.can't use screw fix brass mold)
Application: It is used for bronzing, indentation and branding of leather products, rubber products, technical products, plastic products, paper and other surfaces.
Warranty: One year, except for wearing parts (heating pipes/sensors).
we are specialized in stamping machine and mold.if you have any question .don't hesitate!!contact with us !





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