ZONESUN V01 leather cutting machine slitting machine, Vegetable tanned leather slicer

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 Head Leather Cutting ,leather slitter,shoe bags straight paper cutter, Vegetable tanned leather slicer
Product use
This product is suitable for leather shoes, bags, handicrafts and other leather goods cut straight,
can also be cut paper products.
Name: Single head leather cutting machine                                      
Voltage: 220V/50Hz
If you want 110v need add $100
Power: 40W
Speed: 1400r/min  1:12.5
Cutting width: 0-80mm
Weight :15-17kg
Package size :47*26*36CM
Suitable for soft leather thickness less than 3mm, width between 0-8cm
Packing list:

1. Machine X 1 unit
2. Cutting blade X 5 units
3. 1mm pad X 10 units
4. 2mm pad X 10 units
5. 5mm pad X 6 units
6. 10mm pad X 6 units
7. Allen key X 3 units
8. Wrench X 1 unit
Recommend purchase wearing spare part:
1.Pull cylinder(work with double head type machine ) $8/SET
2.blade: 5pieces/bag   $20/Bag
3.Plastic roll holder   $5/pcs
1, the lubrication hole filling oil regularly, prevent the rotation axis of normal lubrication and wear or killed.
2, should pay attention to safety when using, do not reach out her hand to the blade when the machine is turning.
3, use for a long time that the condition of the rod nylon washer, serious breakage of workpiece in cutting burr should be 
off work at this time,open beside cover board, use special wrench to loosen the nut, loose screws, unload swinging rod.
Pull the nylon washer, with the changing location method, nylon ring again.
4, if users need special cutting width of the workpiece, can be made to our various types of special gasket.
5, power supply should be safety grounding, ensure no leakage phenomenon.





Leather-paring-device-kid-max-35mm-width-Manual-leather-skiver-hand-leather-peel-tools-vegetable-tanned   Leather-splitter-Skiving-machine-Peeling-machine-Paring-machine-Leather-skiver-Vegetable-tanning-Scrape-thin-tool   807-Leather-splitter-leather-paring-device-kit-max-35mm-width-leather-skiver-vegetable-tanned-leather-peeler   V01-leather-cutting-machine-slitting-machine-leather-slitter-shoe-bags-straight-paper-cutter-Vegetable-tanned-leather
Leather-craft-Tool-Super-Carving-Wax-Line-Hand-Made-Leather-Tools-Art-Needle-Sewing-Machine-133mm   Leather-Craft-Making-Tool-Oil-Painting-Box-2-Rollers-Brass-DIY-Hand-Making-Sewing-Tools-Sets   Leather-Edge-Hot-Process-Brass-Electric-Iron-Copper-Head-Leather-Craft-Tool-Leathercraft-Tool-Sets-Supplies   DIY-ZONESUN-Tool-High-Quality-White-S-Diamond-Stitching-Chisel-Tool-Hole-Size-2mm-distance-between



1  3  T-slot-10cm-Fixture-52-Alphabet-Letters-10-numbers-20-symbol-Leather-Stamp-Craving-Tool-Branding  4


p1  220V-60W-Handheld-Brand-Hot-Stamping-Machine-and-Cooled-Leather-Embossed-LOGO-Trademark-Hot-Stamping-Machine  p1  8-10cm-Hot-Foil-Stamping-Machine-Manual-Bronzing-Machine-for-PVC-Card-leather-and-paper-stamping

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