ZONESUN Semi Automatic Small Bottle Honey Liquid Filling Machine For Nail Polish Lip Gloss Essential Oil Cosmetics

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The working principle of this semi automatic filling machine is that the gravity will help to transport the liquid or paste that can flow like honey,nail polish,glue,oil,oral solution.It is equipped with peristaltic pump,the liquid will be transported and will not pass through the pump,ensure the production quality.

Machine Model:ZS-NP1
Machine Power:AC 220V/110V 50-60Hz 80W
Machine Pump:Peristaltic Pump
Max Flow Rate:2L/min(based on water)
Filling Range:5-2000mL
Filling Speed:5-400 bottles/min(depend on bottle size and liquid)
Filling Accuracy:±1%
Suitable Bottle Height:≤10mm
Suitable Bottle Diameter:5mm
Height of Hopper:230mm
Diameter of Filling Nozzle:4mm
Delay Range:0.01s -999.9s
Count Range:1-59999 times
Machine Size:About 360mm*350mm*420mm
Machine Weight:About 9.63kg
Package Size:About 460mm*460mm*520mm
Package Weight:About 12.5kg

With hopper which can help to make the liquid or paste flow faster,this can improve working speed.And it is easier to pour filling material.

With two filling position,the left one is suitable for larger bottle and the right one is good for the small one.Using the working principle of gravity,this machine is suitable for filling honey,shampoo,nail polish etc.

Simple control panel,the working parameter like filling time and speed can be controlled easily.

With the peristaltic pump, the liquid will not pass through the pump, which ensures the quality of the liquid. It’s convenient to change the hose when you want to fill different liquid.

This machine has two working modes: Manual mode and automatic working mode. In manual mode, you can fill bottles by pressing the pedal switch. And you can also use it to test the machine. Easy and convenient.

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