ZS-RWGFP4 Siphon 4 Heads Soymilk Wine Beverage Cooking Oil Small Glass Bottle Cosmetics Liquid Filling Machine

Siphone Liquid Filler
Filling Nozzle of Siphone Liquid Filler
Hopper of Siphone Liquid Filler
Bottle Holder of Siphone Liquid Filler
Siphone Liquid Filler For Drinks
Siphone Liquid Filler For Wine
Siphone Liquid Filler For Beverage

ZS-RWGFP4 Siphon 4 Heads Soymilk Wine Beverage Cooking Oil Small Glass Bottle Cosmetics Liquid Filling Machine

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The liquid filling machine is mainly used for filling foamy liquids. It is suitable for filling liquids such as wine, soy sauce, vinegar, milk, etc. This machine adopts the principle of siphon principle, which has the characteristics of low power consumption, no noise, and equal liquid level filling.


Machine model:ZS-RWGFP4
Power Power:0.37KW
Working capacity:About 500-1000 bottles/hour
Bottle height:160-350mm (can be customized)
Bottle diameter:OD 60-100mm(can be customized)
Bottle mouth:ID≥16mm
Filling accuracy:About 99.7%
Machine size (L×W×H):About 610*550*1050mm
Machine weight:About 45kg
Package size:About 710*580*1160mm
Package weight:About 50kg

Siphon Liquid Filling MachineApplication of Siphon Liquid Filling Machine

Machine Details of Siphon Liquid Filling Machine

Filling Nozzle of Siphon Liquid Filling Machine

Fill liquid according to the siphon principle, it is more convenient to operate the machine,multiple filling nozzles can be customized as production need.

Hopper of Siphon Liquid Filling Machine

This machine can feed filling material automatically, when the filling material inside hopper reach lower limit, the feeding pump will start to feed material.When the filling material reach upper limit, the feeding pump will stop to work.

Bottle Holder of Siphon Liquid Filling Machine

The position of bottle holder can be adjusted according to bottle height.This can be customized according to bottle height,improves filling accuracy.

Siphon Filling Machine For Wine

Siphon Filling Machine For Beverage

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