ZONESUN Semi Automatic Plastic Toothpaste Cosmetics Cream Tube Filling And Sealing Machine

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This semi automatic machine is suitable for filling liquid or paste into soft tubes and sealing tubes.The fixing mold of this machine can be customized according to tube size.It is also equipped with coding function which can be used to print production date on soft tube.This machine is widely used in daily chemical,cosmetics industries.


Input power:AC220V/50Hz
Ultrasonic frequency:20Khz
Working speed:10-13 pieces/min
Soft tube length:50-200mm
Soft tube diameter:10-50 mm
Net weight:About 150kg
Machine size:About 860×680×1550mm

Equipped with stainless steel hopper,It is good for filling paste and liquid,this also makes it more convenient to pour filling material.

The working height of this machine can be adjusted according to soft tube size by rotating knobs,ensures the machine can work perfectly.

The fixing mold of this machine will be customized according to soft tube sizes,the soft tube will not easy to fall down during filling and sealing,improves production quality.

The sensor is with ink-jet component,it can detect soft tube, fill liquid/paste and coding production date,helps you save production process and reduce production error.

The ultrasonic sealing method make sure the soft tube can be sealed well,it is also trimming function,which can trim the needless soft tube after sealing makes the sealing edge can be packed neatly.



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