soda drinks filling machine
filling nozzle of soda drinks filling machine
fixing mold of soda drinks filling machine
storage tank of soda drinks filling machine
mixing tank of soda drinks filling machine
carbonated drinks making machine

ZONESUN ZS-CF4A Semi-automatic 4 Heads Carbonated Drinks Sparkling Wine Soda Water Metal Ring Pull Cans Mixing Filling Machine

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This semi-automatic filling system is used to mixing material and fill carbonated drinks into metal cans.This machine is easy to operate and has compact machine body, it is suitable for the small or the medium scale production of soda drinks or carbonated drinks.


Filling Machine

  • Filling nozzle quantity:4
  • Filling material temperature:1-4℃
  • Filling material pressure:0.2-0.3MPa
  • Working capacity:240-400BPH
  • Inlet & Outlet diameter:For 330/500ml Metal Cans(Can be customized)
  • Air pressure:0.5-0.7MPa
  • CO2 pressure:0.2-0.3MPa
  • Package size:About 950*750*1960mm
  • Package weight:About 163kg

Mixing Machine

  • Technical requirements
  • Production capacity:1.5—2T/h
  • The mixing ratio of syrup and water:1:2—1:8
  • Beverage liquid outlet temperature:<6℃
  • Beverage liquid outlet pressure:0.3—0.5Mpa
  • Carbonation gas content:3G.V
  • Requirements for raw materials
  • Inlet pressure of treated water:0.2 Mpa
  • Inlet temperature of treated water:<6℃
  • Syrup inlet temperature:<4℃
  • CO2 inlet pressure:0.28—0.35 Mpa
  • CO2 purity:>99%
  • Package size:About 910*1000*1880mm
  • Package weight:About 200kg
carbonated drinks filling machine
application of carbonated drinks filling machine
carbonated drinks filling machine

filling nozzle of carbonated drinks filling machineThis kind of filling structure has good sealability.It can ensure drinks can be filled accuracy and improve production quality.The size will be customized according to can size.
fixing mold of carbonated drinks filling machineFixing molds can be used to fix metal cans during filling work, this can prevent cans from falling down.These can be customized according to cans diameter.
hopper of carbonated drinks filling machineThe storage tank is used storage carbonated drinks temporarily, when the CO2 pressure in the tank is insufficient, additional CO2 can be supplied in time. This ensures product production quality
mixing machine of carbonated drinks filling machineThis mixing tank reduces the temperature of the beverage liquid and increases the mixing pressure and contact area, so that the beverage liquid and CO2 can be fully mixed and dissolved to become carbonated beverages
semi-automatic carbonated drinks filling machine


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