ZONESUN ZS-GTJ Mixing Filler Very Viscous Material Foods Packaging Equipment Bottle Filler Liquids Water Dosing Filling Machine

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We not only provide standard machines but also customize whatever you like, like add up a mixer for very high density stuffs, process a heating hopper, or make a bigger hopper, or make more filling head too meet with high production efficiency requirement, and even can provide you assistant equipment with cost price, like air compressor, and so on.


Model:ZS-GTJ Paste Filling Machine
Filling Nozzle:Single Nozzle(We also offer Double Nozzle)
Filling Speed:5-25 bottle/min
Filling Range:10-100ml/30-300ml/50-500ml/100-1000ml/500-3000ml/1000-5000ml
Rotate Speed:0-1700r/min
Air Capacity:>30L
Packing Size: 930* 360*335mm (Machine) / 440*455*505mm (Hopper)
Gross Weight : 25kg (Machine) /14.5 (Hopper)
Machine Size: 773*280*910mm
Net Weight :34.5kg



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