ZONESUN ZS-VTCM1 Explosion Proof Automatic Screw Capper Spray Bottle Capping Machine

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This automatic ex-proof capping machine is suitable for different kinds of bottle caps like pump head bottle caps,dropper bottle caps etc.The working height of the capping machine can be adjusted according to bottle diameter.It is suitable for food,beverage,cosmetic and daily chemical industries.

Machine Model:ZS-VTCM1
Machine Power:2KW
Suitable Bottle Height:Customized
Suitable Bottle Caps:Smaller than 40mm
Air Pressure:0.6Mpa
Working Speed:20-40bottles/min
Conveyor Size:1140mm*100mm(L*W)
Package Size:2110*770*1700mm
Package Weight:About 280kg

Designed with touch screen control panel,the parameter can be adjusted easily.The protective casing can be leak-proof,ensure the safety operation.It is made of high quality material,make it will not be damaged easily during shipping.

Four rubber wheels will rotate and tighten bottle caps,this kind of capping method is suitable for multiple kinds of caps like spray bottle caps,dropper bottle caps.The working height of this machine can be adjusted according to bottle height.

The machine is with bottle clamping device which is controlled by the air cylinder,this can make the machine can be fixed well during capping ,make the bottle is not easy to fall down.The electric eye can detect the passing by bottle,improve capping accuracy.

The conveyor belt is made of high quality material,make sure bottle can be transported smoothly,reduce production error and improve working speed.


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