ZS-FAL180EX Ex-proof Filling Capping Labeling Machine
Ex-proof filling capping labeling machine
Ex-proof filling capping labeling machine
Ex-proof filling capping labeling machine
Ex-proof filling capping labeling machine
Ex-proof filling capping labeling machine

ZONESUN ZS-FAL180EX Ex-proof Servo Automatic Quantitative Bottle Gasoline Kerosene Filling Capping Labeling Machine

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  • One Year Warranty
  • User Manual
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  • Local Service Location (Romania /Serbia /Kazakhstan/Mexico/Indonesia)

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This automatic liquid production line is consist of the turntable machine,the ex-proof filling machine,ex-proof capping machine and the bottle sorting machine.The main advantage of the filling machine is that this machine can fill liquid accurately by entering certain number,this makes it save time on adjusting filling time and speed to realize accurate filling.The working height of the capping machine can be adjusted according to bottle sizes.This line can make the production in order and improve production speed.It is suitable for filling Inflammable liquids and paste.

Designed with touch screen control panel,the parameter can be adjusted easily.The electric control box is separate from the main machine,this can avoid the danger that caused by the leakage of the material. The heated that generated by electric current will not influence the production as well.This can ensure the safety operation.

Black rotary knobs can be adjusted according to bottle mouth,this design are for clamping bottles,make the bottle is not easy to fall down during filling.

Equipped with high quality electric eye,the machine will receive a signal from the electric eye when the bottle pass by.This ensure the filling accuracy.

Four rubber wheels will rotate and tighten bottle caps,this kind of capping method is suitable for multiple kinds of caps like spray bottle caps,dropper bottle caps.

The conveyor belt is made of high quality material,make sure bottle can be transported smoothly,reduce production error and improve working speed.

The positioning labeling methos is suitable for single side and double side.This widen the application range and improve labeling accuracy

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