ZONESUN Embossing Machine Dog Tag engraving Stainless Steel Metal Machine Number Plate 52 letters Characters Embosser

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Dog Tag Embossing Machine 52Code Characters ,Steel Embossing Machines,Manual Card Embossers

Item specifications
Manual Dog Tag machine is the necessary equipment at the end of the process of producing Dog Tag, this device, which is used to press out the outstanding letter of alphabet and numerals on the surface of Dog Tag, makes it to be identified or exclusive.
The manual and electric type of the machine on the market is two kinds of, Manual machine is cheaper and easier to use, so medium and small companies of producing card use it.
Manual Dog Tag machine has characteristics of reliable structure, accurate orientation, small bulk, laconic exterior and convenient operation.

Main Technical Parameters
Applies workpiece: Normative dog tag, That be 28.6 ×50.8 mm
Character-selection: character rosette turnplate
Operation mode : manual
Word spacing 1/10 inch
Raised type lines: 1-11 lines
Raised type location indication: indicator or sample card
Color: White
Size: 340*300*180(mm)
Net weight of the machine: 9kg

Internal 52 code characters
Capitalization case of English letters (26): A~Z
Arabic numerals (10):0~9
Symbols (16): .~ @ * + ? ! : (Details of this webpage sample photo)

letter height 4mm 





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