benchtop bottle capper
vacuum cup of benchtop bottle capper
conveyor of benchtop bottle capper
benchtop bottle capper for chewing gum
benchtop bottle capper for candy
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ZONESUN ZS-XG1870G Benchtop Automatic Chewing Gum Tamper Evident Tear Band Bottle Capper Plastic Snap-hinged Caps Pressing Capping Machine

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  • One Year Warranty
  • User Manual
  • One-to-one Video Chat Support
  • Install & Debug Video
  • Custom Package Solution
  • Local Service Location (Romania /Serbia /Kazakhstan/Mexico/Indonesia)

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Designed for tamper evident tear band bottle with plastic snap-hinged caps, compact machine body saves working space. Using suction cup to feed caps in time, this machine suitable for small scale production.


  • Machine model:ZS-XG1870G
  • Working voltage:AC220V/110V 50-60HZ
  • Working pressure:0.4-0.6 MPa
  • Bottle height:60-270mm
  • Bottle Caps Diameter:Customized
  • Working speed:20-40 bottles/minute(depending on bottle and caps)
  • Conveyor size:About 1780*115mm(L*W)
  • Machine size:About 1780*580*1140mm(Machine)+650*650*560mm(Vibratory Bowl)
  • Machine weight:About 83+72kg(Machine+Vibratory Bowl)
  • Package size:About 1140*615*1105mm(Machine)+680*710*1165mm(Vibratory Bowl)
  • Package weight:About 114kg+116kg(Machine+Vibratory Bowl)
benchtop bottle capper
application of benchtop bottle capper
datasheet of benchtop bottle capper
control panel of benchtop bottle capper
Equipped with touch screen control panel,the visual working parameter is better for debugging machine,and can watch the working status of the machine in real time.
vibratory bowl sorter of benchtop bottle capper
Equipped with vibratory bowl feeder,it can help to arrange and feed bottle caps before capping work,this kind of machine is designed for reducing production labor and error,improves working efficiency.
suction cup of benchtop bottle capper
The suction nozzle is suitable for moving caps to bottles,this kind of feeding method is suitable for irregular caps (the top of bottle caps must be flat),help to reduce production error.
cap pressing structure of benchtop bottle capper
The pressing head is equipped with air cylinder,which makes the press head more powerful when pressing bottle caps.It can be customized according to bottle cap size.
electric eye of benchtop bottle capper
The electric eye is designed for receiving and sending out signal,controlling machine to work or not.With this,the machine can cap bottle precisely and improve production accuracy.
benchtop bottle capper for medicine bottle
benchtop bottle capper-2

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