ZONESUN ZS-FAL180AD Automatic Whisky Filling Capping Machine With Dust Cover For Production Line

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This production line is equipped with high quality dust cover,which can prevent from pollution during working.The filling machine and capping machine can be customized according to your production needs(includes filling range,filling nozzle number,capping head size etc) These two machines can work with vertical labeling machine to realize automated production.

The PLC control panel shows working parameter clearly,and you can adjust parameter more convenient.We can customize the operation panel in different kinds of language,if you need this please contact us.

Designed with lifting filling nozzle,this is good for filling foamy liquid.It is also equipped with anti-dripping design,this can ensure the product quality and working environment.

The 316 stainless steel magnetic pump is good for filling weakly acidic and alkaline like solvent.It fills liquid faster and precisely.

Designed with cap feeding component,it can arrange bottle caps,makes sure the production work be in order.It can be customized according to bottle cap size.The high quality cap press head can press caps or cork tightly,improve production quality.
\Electric eye can detect bottle when they pass through,and send the signal to the system,then the machine will start or stop to work.This can ensure the production speed and quality.
The chain conveyor belt is with large weight capacity,it can transport bottles smoothly,help you save production labor and reduce production process.

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