ZONESUN 10 Heads Automatic Solvent Glass Vial Small Bottle Filling Machine

ZONESUN 10 Heads Automatic Solvent Glass Vial Small Bottle Filling Machine

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The 10 nozzle peristaltic pump is designed with automatic conveyor belt to realize automated production.It is suitable for small volume liquid like eye drops,essential oil.Each nozzle of this machine can be controlled separately.The peristaltic pump can ensure the liquid cleaness and filling accuracy.


  • Machine model:ZS-DTPP10B
  • Power supply:AC110V/220V 50Hz-60Hz 60W*10
  • Filling Range:≤50ml
  • Maximum flow:650ml/min for each nozzle (based on water )
  • Filling nozzles:10(we can customize nozzles based on your demands)
  • Working speed:70-90 bottles/min(based on 50ml-water)
  • Filling accuracy:≤±1% (For water)
  • Diameter of filling nozzle:4mm
  • Delay range:0.01-999.9s
  • Conveyor size:1080*350mm(L*W)
  • Machine size:About 380*490*300mm(Without conveyor belt)
  • Net weight:About 38kg

Filling Nozzle Of Filling Machine

Equipped with small size filling nozzle(OD 4mm), which can prevent from spraying out liquid during filling.We also offer different sizes of filling nozzles for different production needs.

Operation Panel Of Filling Machine

Simple control panel,this machine control filling volume by adjusting filling time and filling speed.The filling time and speed of each nozzle can be controlled separately.

Conveyor Belt Of Filling Machine

High quality conveyor belt can help to transport bottle faster and more smooth.This can reduce production process and error.

Peristaltic Pump Of Filling Machine

Equipped with high quality peristaltic pump,it can fill liquid accurately,and the liquid will not pass through pump.Operator can watch the filling status during working.

Electric Eye  Of Filling Machine

The electric eye can be used to detect the passing by bottles, control the machine to work and realize the automated production.

Bottle Holding Mold  Of Filling Machine

The bottle tray can be customized according to bottle sizes,it can ensure that bottles will be arranged together,makes the filling work be in order.The bottle tray will be sent with the machine together.