ZONESUN Automatic Side Sealing Cutting Phone Boxes Book Shrink Film Wrapping Packaging Machine

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These machine can fold film ,seal sides and shrink film to finish the package.The temperature and time can be adjusted according to operation needs.These machine are widely used in food,electronics, and printing industries.



Simple control panel,it is more convenient to control functions of folding and sealing package films. You can adjust the sealing temperature and time easily.



High quality cutting blade,the wrapping film will be folded and cut off neatly.The side sealing machine will not limit the product length.This is more suitable for longer products like yoga mat.

This component is designed for sealing and cutting one side of the length.The sealing position can be adjusted according to package size.This can ensure the product is package neatly and will not waste the package film.

High temperature dust-proof cloth,prevent from burning and ensure the safety operation and the hot air circulate equably,make the wrapping effect is better.

The working height of this machine is adjustable,loose screws and choose the suitable screw hole to fix the machine.This make it can work with different packaging machine like the sealing and cutting machine to realize the automated packaging.


The chain conveyor is with larger bearing capacity,this helps to transport products stably and ensure the wrapping effect during working.

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