powder packing machine
control panel of powder packing machine
feeding machine of powder packing machine
bag conveying structure of powder packing machine
hopper of powder packing machine
metal detector
premade pouch powder packing machine

ZONESUN ZS-PFSL1 Automatic Premade Pouch Sachet Protein Powder Instant Powder Drinks Auger Filling Sealing Machine With Metal Detector

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  • One Year Warranty
  • User Manual
  • One-to-one Video Chat Support
  • Install & Debug Video
  • Custom Package Solution
  • Local Service Location (Romania /Serbia /Kazakhstan/Mexico/Indonesia)

This auger filling machine is used to fill powder into premade pouch, and seal pouch automatically.This powder filling machine is suitable for packaging tea powder, instant powder drinks, protein powder.


  • Machine Model:ZS-PFSL1
  • Voltage:220V/110V 50-60Hz
  • Power:About 1.2kW
  • Measuring Type:Auger Filling
  • Packing Speed:About 16-20pcs/min(depending on bag size and filling materials)
  • Filling Range:Can be customized
  • Bag Size:Can be customized

premade pouch powder packing machine

application of premade pouch powder packing machine

premade pouch packing machine

control panel of powder pouch packing machine

Designed with PLC control panel, it is more convenient to set and adjust working parameters. The language of panel can be customized as your need.

powder feeding machine

Designed with feeding machine, it can feed powder products in time, which can improve efficiency. The feeding machine can be customized according to your products.

pouch conveying structure

The suction cup can pick up bags and convey it to the filling area. Equipped with printing component, it can print production date or batch on bags automatically.

Hopper of powder pouch packing machine

This machine adopts auger design, which can fill powder products accurately. It can mix powder evenly before filling, and the mixing speed can be adjusted as production need.

metal detector

The gas nozzle will remove the unqualified products which contain metal components when they are detected by the machine. This improves production quality.

powder pouch packing machine


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