flexible roller conveyor belt
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motor of flexible roller conveyor belt
v-ribbed conveyor belt
moving wheels of flexible roller conveyor belt
flexible v-ribbed roller conveyor belt

ZONESUN ZS-FCV600 Automatic Powered Flexible V-ribbed Telescopic Roller Expendable Conveyor For Paper Carton Boxes

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A flexible roller conveyor is a type of material handling system designed to transport items over a specified path using a series of rotating rollers. Unlike fixed, straight-line roller conveyors, a flexible roller conveyor has the ability to be curved, twisted, or adjusted in different directions, which allows for more versatile routing and repositioning based on changing requirements

flexible roller conveyor

application of flexible roller conveyor

datasheet of flexible roller conveyor

roller conveyor

Made of high quality material, length of conveyor can be extended or retracted arbitrarily.Simple operation suits most of transport company or packaging manufacturers.

motor of flexible roller conveyor

There is a motor for each unit of conveyor, this ensures conveyor is powerful when conveying products.This realizes the automated work. It can be also customized without motor.

v-ribbed conveyor

V-ribbed roller conveyor, it has larger weight capacity and is suitable for conveying all kinds of box-type and smooth bottom goods.

moving wheels of flexible roller conveyor

Equipped with moving wheels. This makes conveyor is easier to move or can be formed in different shapes more conveniently.

flexible roller conveyor


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