ZONESUN ZS-FAL180P9 Automatic Powder Filling Capping Labeling Machine Production Line

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Our automatic filling production line consists of automatic powder filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine which is suitable for automatic bottle packaging of various powder (we also have the filling machine for paste/liquid).Professionally customized machines for your production.

This machine is with mixing function,can mix powder well,help to reduce production process.

The filling speed is is with dust-proof function,ensure the cleanliness of production.

Suitable for different kinds of bottle caps.The capping time,pressing time can be adjusted by operation panel.

Can detect the bottle once you the bottle pass through,save a lot of time and help you improve working efficiency.The sensitivity of the electric eye can be adjusted.

Scrolling to label stickers,this machine is suitable for single side or double side labeling stickers on round bottles.It worksaccurately and helps to improve working efficiency and offer better labeling effect.

The conveyor width can be adjusted according to the bottle diameter.The transferring speed is adjustable by operation panel.

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